Under the (Red) Sea
Saturday was definitely the best day of our lives.  We could not imagine a more wonderful and spectacular day to get married in the presence of friends and family.  On Sunday, however, we had to turn our focus towards the 24 hours we still had remaining to purchase luggage, travel necessities, pack and get ready before departing on our two and a half month adventure across the African continent.
While still high on the excitement from our wedding, and frenzied from our day of packing, we locked the door to our apartment, got in our taxi to the airport and eventually succeeded in boarding the airplane that would whisk us away on our honeymoon. Our first destination…a beautiful seaside resort in Hurghada on the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt.

We were particularly looking forward to this resort on the Red Sea – the Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, as it held great sentimental value for us.  We had been engaged at the Oberoi Amarvilas – specifically on the balcony of our room overlooking the Taj Mahal.  We thought that it was only appropriate that we started our honeymoon at an Oberoi in Egypt.
After all of the intensity and excitement of the lead up to and our actual wedding day, it was wonderful to relax on the shores of the red sea, soaking up the sun, swimming, snorkeling and diving in the absolutely crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, and reveling in our first week of married life!
A perfect beginning to our honeymoon adventure, our time in Hurghada was relaxing yet still punctuated with many highlights including Shannon’s first scuba dive, a private romantic dinner set on a pier above the Red Sea, several amazing snorkeling outings above the absolutely crystal clear blue waters, an ATV journey across the desert to a Bedouin village and sunset amongst the barren rocky outcroppings of the desert landscape.
Under the (Red) Sea
May 1st - 6th, 2007
Hurghada, Egypt
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