The Serengeti - Part II
Among the wildlife highlights of the remainder of our time in the Serengeti were finding a lion resting on the branches of a tree (very uncommon for the type of lions in the Serengeti), watching the mating dances of beautiful crown cranes, being road blocked by a female lion sleeping on a bridge that we came upon at dawn, watching a buffalo who had fallen prey to a group of crocodiles, and seeing how fast a hippo could sink to the bottom of the water, run along the bottom and pop back up a hundred feet away.
We ended our time on a high note, literally, taking an early morning hot air balloon ride to witness the landscape and the animals from a completely different vantage point.  After a week of experiencing the Serengeti at the ground level, it was wonderful to silently rise up with the sun, see the wildebeest tracks, giraffes, and even a cheetah from the air as we coasted across the beautiful open plains.
The Serengeti - Part II
June 7th - 11th, 2007
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